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Homo Noeticus

Yes, Homo Noeticus, this was Taillhard de Chardin's idea too that human evolution had moved beyond the physical/mental to the spiritual/conscious ness plane. He called it the Noosphere if I remember rightly. I got into all that in College before joining the church.
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(Me) I found out about Teilhard De Chardin only a few years ago and I was fascinated by his ideas as long as other sources explained them to me. I found his books very hard to read. Too often brilliant thinkers aren’t brilliant writers. The Noosphere I thought was one of his most important ideas, and I find that I believe in it and am seeing the advent of this coming true if our species survives long enough. You can see the beginnings of it already in this new generation of young people who have grown up on the Internet, interconnected in a very flat world.

nightstar5039: What if, and I'm just throwing this out there, our consciousness affects our DNA, so by changing my consciouness I change my DNA and so that would then affect my offspring.

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(Me) Now there you’ve said something. What if consciousness affects DNA? I don’t know. But if that’s true – Homo Noeticus could come about even as a response to the advent of information technology weaving the human species together into a world community, which – ironically – is something religious people fear! The anti-Christ!

nightstar5039: There are techniques out there that claim to heal and activate the DNA. After all what is all that junk DNA doing? What if it could be activated? Also most humans use about 10% of brain capacity. What would happen if we could activate the DNA to turn on some of that unused capacity. Interesting possibilities, no?

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(Me) I suspect that may be partly what meditation does. The effects of meditation happen largely on the right hemisphere of the brain, and curiously, if the left hemisphere is disabled, such as during surgery, the effect on consciousness while that lasts is almost identical to the ecstatic Nirvana experience. There is even a form of epilepsy which afflicted Fyodor Dostoyevsky, which causes the most intense religious ecstasy, described as a pleasure and happiness beyond human experience or description.
It may be that the physiological result of a lifetime of mediation is a disproportionate strengthening of the right side of the brain. So you wonder how that would affect the genetics of a person if it happens before the person entered reproductive maturity.

nightstar5039: I never BTW, thought that I had been taken for a ride by the church. I see it simply as a step on my personal and unique path to self-knowledge, or self-realization as Paramahansa Yogananda called it. I'm all for us all realizing our Buddha mind, but all of us becoming little REv. Moons, Heaven forbid!It could be argued that the reason why the blessing didn't work, if by working we mean the birth of children free from sin, was because the requisite change in consciousness was not to be found in the UC, neither in its leader or its members. Just a thought.

(Me) That’s what I was saying to Teresa in my post to her. I think we came close enough to hitting on something that it makes you wonder late at night, what might have been going on. Maybe God gave religion a try and it didn’t work out. Maybe he’ll try it through technology next. But it makes you wonder, if enlightenment could be achieved without strenuous effort, just by surgery or a pill, what would it be worth? How deep would it be?
By the way, I find this correspondence on the subject so interesting I’m going to stick it on my blog. Hope you don’t mind.


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